Thursday, April 26, 2012

Well I have some instant gratification today. Ok, it's not instant but its not a BAP either. I finished up my Just Nan Flowering Crown and made it into a pincushion.

I stitched it on a light lavender 28 count lugana by Fabric Flair. I got some Fabric Flair lugana from a friend for Xmas last year. It was the first time I had seen it. I guess it is not hand-dyed its painted  so the front is whatever color and the back is white, very odd to me but the fabric is really  nice and the colors are great. The only complaint I have is that the fabric isn't cut straight. You get the size it's supposed to be, they don't short your fabric but for me I like it cut straight, a very weird pet peeve of mine.

You can't really see the saying on the pincushion from my picture but it says "The queen's needle never sleeps".  I loved stitching the bunnies, of course.  I crocheted the ruffle around the edges with a size 10 cotton. 

I noticed that Just Nan has 3 more new designs out.

The first one is called Motif Mystique, second is Sun Blossoms Tree and the last one is Finchleys Summer House. I love the first one and the last one, the second I'm not so sure about.  I love the designs in the tree but the tree itself on the little mound, hmmmm.  I'm guessing I'm going to need to get the sampler though and the one with the bird.

I have a little stitched piece that I did a couple weeks ago that is ready to be finished into a needlebook. I may do that today. Then its back to And a Garden Grew........hopefully. I want to finish it and I'm feeling like I'm getting very close now.  I think if I could stitch on it another week or two I will have it done.

Thats if for today. Thanks for stopping by and visiting.


  1. Love the finish. I agree about the new Nan designs too...tree doesn't do it for me.

  2. Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't get the tree. I like the designs in it but the whole thing together is weird.