Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm glad today is Friday. I'm not sure why but I am. The weekend isn't supposed to be great but I can use the quiet.  Hermits love quiet........Did I mention I'm a hermit?  Not a total hermit but I'm getting there.

I stitched a really quick one last night. It's called Rabbit Run and it's by Chessie and Me.  Four bunnies, how could I go wrong with that?  It was super fast to do, maybe 2 hours.  I stitched it on a 28 count white lugana with DMC floss. The buttons I got from Anitas Little Stitches, she has lots of different ones. Great prices, super fast shipping and one thing I really love about her website is shipping is so reasonable. I hate paying $8 to ship a chart..........grrrrr. Another pet peeve of mine. I'm not sure how many pet peeves  a person can have before it's not normal. I'm guessing I'm bordering on not normal with mine though.

I was going to get back to And a Garden Grew today but I think I may stitch another something that is small and get back to the BAP Monday.  I swear I am going to work on it Monday though, I really want to finish it and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.


  1. Lovely! And I can't believe how fast you stitched that!

  2. Its a very quick stitch Rachel. Easy too. The pattern has a fob with it but I opted to just make this part. Far be it from me to ever make an entire set. lol

  3. that is just too cute.

    On your BAP maybe if you just set aside say one day a week to work on it. Like on Monday's that is the only stitching project to work on, maybe it would be easier to pick up and work on. Anyway just a thought.


  4. Great idea Robin but I have to put in more than just Mondays on the BAP. I really want it done in a month. I think I can do it in that amount of time and still have time to make a few small things too. I really do enjoy stitching it, I love doing all the little motifs. If only I had 10 hands.