Thursday, June 14, 2012

I haven't posted in forever and I haven't stitched in forever either. It's really beginning to get to me, not stitching but I pick it up and just put it down. I have even tried starting something new so that I could get  back in the stitching mood but it didn't work. UGH!!!  The weather has been raining and cold and it would have been a perfect time to stitch but.............I sicken myself sometimes, ha.

Here are a few pictures from my yard though, the rain has been good for most of it and today the sun is actually out.

Here is a picture of my peke Ollie and my pug Quincy. This is the best picture of Quincy I have gotten since he was a tiny baby.  As you can see hes trying his best to avoid the camera.

I got another tree!!! If you remember I got a tree a few weeks ago and it's my first tree other than my lilac bush.  So here is a picture of the new tree, it's a Gala apple and there are 2, count them 2, massive little apples on it...........

I keep wondering if I should paint that picket fence behind the tree but I kind of like it with the white so worn.

So here's a picture of my first little tree. Its not blooming now but its still very cute, if trees can be cute. I think I really really really need a life, sigh.

In the background you can see more of the picket fence and yes, I am painting that section that color..........I have it there to hide my neighbors weeds and thought a little color might be nice. We will see if I feel that way when I finish........

Here is a picture of my chives. They are going great this year. As you can see, it takes very little to impress me:)

Well thats all for today, wish I was stitching, wish I was doing something contructive but thats a no. 
Thanks for stopping by and hopefully I will post something tomorrow.