Monday, April 30, 2012

Sooooooo, I haven't done a lot of stitching today on And a Garden Grew. I spent most of the day trying to decide what I'm going to do about the center section. The arbor, words etc.  I had decided against both but.......I have started the trellis and I am going to stitch it with the roses.  Now the hard part.

I need help!!! I don't want to stitch the saying that is on the design but I think maybe I want a different saying.  So I wouldn't mind a little input here. Here are a few I'm considering.  I thought I liked the first one best but the truth is I like all three.

1. The earth laughs in flowers- Ralph Waldo Emerson
2. The flower fades that is not looked upon- Edward Counsel
3. There are always flowers for those that want to see them- Henri Matisse

I think all three are fitting for the design. I have to figure it out before I continue much farther.

Let me know if you have another saying that might work. I don't want a long one, something short and to the point works for me.

See you tomorrow!!!!

I didn't stitch this weekend, not one single stitch. The weather was "ok" so I worked in the yard instead. I planted a tree, no big deal to most people but I didn't  have a tree in my yard.  I've lived here 23 years and have a lilac bush but no real trees. I planted a little flowering crab apple and its very pretty.  I just sat out there after I made the flowerbed around it, admiring four foot tree...just knowing that everyone who went by noticed my brand new tree..... yes Virginia,  I do need a life.  Then I made a couple more places for flowers and planted them.  I was a busy girl this weekend.

My little Sophie brought her little stuffed bear out and was helping me plant. She digs close to where I am and plants her prize. Then she waits about 2 minutes, runs in the house, runs back out and digs it up and shes off to "plant" it again. Shes very funny. She loves to bury her toys. Over and over. Last year when I was planting petunias, she was right there. She has this tiny little giraffe and she would bury it and when I would move down to plant another flower she would dig up the giraffe and move down with me and bury it again........shes a real goof. Shes the first rescue dog I've had. I think I will always go with rescue dogs from now one. She's so special.

Here is a picture I saved of a biscornu I made back in January and I'm thinking I may make this again and keep it for myself, how selfish am I, lol?

Its a Shepherd's Bush design called Woolwork Lambs, I think that is the name.

I made this on  18 count davosa with HDF silks. I bought the little sheep buttons, aren't they cute, at Joann Fabric when buttons were 1/2 off. I love them. I think I bought 4 cards of them.

So, today I'm back to work on And a Garden Grew. I think its supposed to rain for the next several days here so hopefully I will get a lot done on it.  I'm still not completely sure how I'm going to finish the section where the arbor and words are..........I'm thinking I should start giving that some real thought, then again, there is always tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping.

Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm glad today is Friday. I'm not sure why but I am. The weekend isn't supposed to be great but I can use the quiet.  Hermits love quiet........Did I mention I'm a hermit?  Not a total hermit but I'm getting there.

I stitched a really quick one last night. It's called Rabbit Run and it's by Chessie and Me.  Four bunnies, how could I go wrong with that?  It was super fast to do, maybe 2 hours.  I stitched it on a 28 count white lugana with DMC floss. The buttons I got from Anitas Little Stitches, she has lots of different ones. Great prices, super fast shipping and one thing I really love about her website is shipping is so reasonable. I hate paying $8 to ship a chart..........grrrrr. Another pet peeve of mine. I'm not sure how many pet peeves  a person can have before it's not normal. I'm guessing I'm bordering on not normal with mine though.

I was going to get back to And a Garden Grew today but I think I may stitch another something that is small and get back to the BAP Monday.  I swear I am going to work on it Monday though, I really want to finish it and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Well I have some instant gratification today. Ok, it's not instant but its not a BAP either. I finished up my Just Nan Flowering Crown and made it into a pincushion.

I stitched it on a light lavender 28 count lugana by Fabric Flair. I got some Fabric Flair lugana from a friend for Xmas last year. It was the first time I had seen it. I guess it is not hand-dyed its painted  so the front is whatever color and the back is white, very odd to me but the fabric is really  nice and the colors are great. The only complaint I have is that the fabric isn't cut straight. You get the size it's supposed to be, they don't short your fabric but for me I like it cut straight, a very weird pet peeve of mine.

You can't really see the saying on the pincushion from my picture but it says "The queen's needle never sleeps".  I loved stitching the bunnies, of course.  I crocheted the ruffle around the edges with a size 10 cotton. 

I noticed that Just Nan has 3 more new designs out.

The first one is called Motif Mystique, second is Sun Blossoms Tree and the last one is Finchleys Summer House. I love the first one and the last one, the second I'm not so sure about.  I love the designs in the tree but the tree itself on the little mound, hmmmm.  I'm guessing I'm going to need to get the sampler though and the one with the bird.

I have a little stitched piece that I did a couple weeks ago that is ready to be finished into a needlebook. I may do that today. Then its back to And a Garden Grew........hopefully. I want to finish it and I'm feeling like I'm getting very close now.  I think if I could stitch on it another week or two I will have it done.

Thats if for today. Thanks for stopping by and visiting.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This is my latest picture of the progress on And a Garden Grew. I didn't get a lot done but I'm almost to the bottom on the left side, did a little across the center and a little less on the right. 

The weather has been nice and I've been taking advantage of being able to be outside in it.  It was supposed to be raining today and the next couple of days and I figured that I would really stitch, stitch, stitch but I got up today and it's another beautiful day soooooo............I'm guessing I won't get much done today either. The goal is still to have this finished to hang on the wall when I paint the living room in a  few weeks.

I'm really feeling like making something small though, something I can finish in a day.  I need some instant gratification I'm thinking.

Wow, I just compared my last pictures to these and I really havn't gotten much stitched. I need to get on the ball I guess. 

Well I'm outta here for now. I have some flowers to plant and then I'm going to try and get some stitched. I really want to do something small but will try and stick with this. I don't want it to wander back into the drawer of shame..........Thanks for stopping........

Monday, April 23, 2012

This is my progress the last few days on And a Garden Grew. I stitched a little last night, nothing on Saturday. The weather was really nice here, it was almost 80, which is creeping up on "too hot" for me weather but it was the first of it so it was wonderful.

I stitched a little more on the left...........

All of the right is new, not the groups of 3 flowers but everything underneath.

When I took it out of the q-snaps and looked at it I was surprised at how far I've gotten. I don't have many more motifs to be at the bottom on the sides and there are just a few across the center before the arbor and words. I have decided that I am not going to stitch the arbor..........Well today I have decided that, it could change. The words are an absolute "no" though.

I don't know how much I will get stitched today. Its going to be beautiful out and its going to start raining tomorrow or the next day so I'm going to try and get some outside stuff done. 

Thanks for watching my progress. See you tomorrow!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I just had to post this picure. This is my son's dog Cooper. They live in North Dakota and when he looks out the window he can see the little ground squirrels running around. I found this picture on my sons facebook and had to share.

Kassie said he will sit like that for an hour watching them. Hes a funny little dog:)

Friday, April 20, 2012

No stitching picture today. I did stitch some yesterday but not enough to show a picture. I'm having a hard time today getting with it, its just too busy here.

So I thought I would post a picture of my dog Ollie. Ollie is a 6 year old pekingese and he is the best and nicest dog in the world. Ollie doesn't care if hes the first or last to eat. Doesn't care if hes the first or last to go out the door, first dog in front or the dog behind on a walk.  Hes just super easy going.

If you follow my blog you will remember I posted pictures of Sophie the naughty already.

Here is a new photo of Sophie the naughty. She is hiding in the couch pillows and is sure no one can see her.  She is a little over a year old.

She is a rescue dog and the sweetest little thing.

I would love to post a picture of Quincy my black pug but the truth is ......Quincy is more of a "kiss my behind" kind of dog. I havent gotten a good picture of him since he was a tiny baby. He refuses to look at me when I have a camera in my hand. I mostly get pictures of his butt, which I think he does on purpose and if dogs can laugh, he does. I do have a picture of him on the first day I got him though, here it is..........don't laugh too hard!!!

I totally fell in love with that little face the moment I saw it, that is no exaggeration!  Hes a very loyal dog.

So, that is the entire dog family.  I will try and sneak a photo of Quincy that is current, hes 5. I'm doubting he will let me take one though. Hes better than I am at avoiding a photo.

See you Monday, hopefully with some stitching updates on And a Garden Grew.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I finished Shepherd's Bush Holly and Ivy into a hanging ornament.  It didn't take long at all.  I'm proud of myself that I didn't finish it with pink around it because I LOOOVVVEE pink and use it all the time.

The cording is the last of a cording that I bought a couple years ago. I've always liked the colors in it.

The little sheep button is so cute!  I think I got it at Joann Fabric when their buttons were 1/2 off. That is about the only time I buy buttons. I am constantly amazed at the price of a button.  I've picked up some the other day that I just loved and the price was $16. For ONE button. I put it back, sigh and darn.

The fabric is a 28 count opalescent lugana from Silkweavers. Its very very pretty.  They have such nice fabric.  I have to admit I havn't bought anything from Silkweavers since it was bought by the larger company. I've heard so many horror stories about people waiting for fabric for months , receiving the wrong fabric, bad customer service that I'm not really interested in giving it a try.

So, I'm going to take the daycare kids to the park for a while, it's looking like it may be nice today. Then tonight when they are all gone its back to And a Garden Grew.

See you tomorrow!!!
This is yesterdays progress on And a Garden Grew. It feels like I'm getting tons done on this each day but the truth is the motifs are small so even several of them don't cover a very big area. Still for something that has been sitting in a drawer for a long time I'm very happy with what I've gotten done in the last few days.

I'm going to work this down the left side then the right. Then down from the top to where the arbor/trellis would start. That way I will have the area I need to change all framed up.  I'm not sure about what little motifs I'm going to put in there, not sure if I'm going to repeat some from this design in different colors or take some little designs from other charts I have. I won't know that until I get there.

Now that I think about it, I make take small designs from other Rosewood Manor designs to fill it in. Like, Language of the Flowers , And a Forest Grew etc. Hmmmm......

I still would love to have this done to hang on the wall when I finish painting the living room. I still have time because I don't want to paint until its warmer out.  This weekend is supposed to be very close to 70 so maybe spring is really going to be here to stay.

Take note of the fact that I am looking forward to the warmer weather because believe me when it hits, I will be griping about it on a regular basis.  Weather rarely makes me happy, it's either too cold or too hot or too windy, you get the idea.......

I guess I will go and stitch a little and if it's nice, work in the  yard.......Thanks for visiting me.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

As promised a new picture of And a Garden Grew. While I have not been stitching Spring Quaker I have at least been stitching this. Its a WIP so I think it counts. Truthfully, I'm not good at sticking to my stitching plans. I am however really good at changing them.

So, I think I've gotten quite a bit more done on this.  The upper left section is done and I have finished the line of flowers in groups of three.

The picture isn't the best but you get the idea.  Please ignore the date etc. on the side, I don't know how to remove it from my camera. I don't even know how to make it the right date. I suppose I could read the directions but seriously..........I'm not going to do that :)

I'm planning on stitching the rest of the day on this. Then maybe tomorrow I will make something small. Ooooh, I just remembered I have the Shepherd's Bush Holly and Ivy that I can finish into something.....I think I have a little design stitched to make into a needlebook too.....

Thanks for coming by my blog.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This little pillow is another design by Sheperd's Bush called Softly Spring. I love this design and have stitched it more than a couple times. Its just fun to do. I had this almost stitched so it only took me an hour or so to finish it up yesterday

 I did this one on lugana, like almost everything I stitch and more HDF silk floss.  I did a ruched ribbon around the edges of it.

This time it turned out good but before I had problems doing it. The biggest thing is don't skimp on the ribbon. You want the ribbon to be tight so when you sew it on there aren't any gaps.

So, the 100 stitches a day thing......hmm. Well I have kind of fallen off the wagon but not completely. I was going to stitch 100 stitches a day on Spring Quaker and on  And a Garden Grew. Well yesterday and today I didn't stitch any on Spring Quaker but I've gotten a lot done on And a Garden Grew. I will post a picture of my progress on it tomorrow. I am 1/3 of the way through the design. Maybe a little more. 

I plan on making big changes to the lower portion of the design. I think this time I'm not even going to put in the arbor or the words, which means I will have to fill that entire section  in with little designs.  I may do the arbor yet but I have pretty much decided on leaving off the saying. Last time I made it I altered the saying.

I really want to finish it because I'm planning on painting my living room in the next few weeks and would love to have it ready to hang on the wall, that may be a little optimistic of me.

Ok, I'm off for the evening. Like always, thank you for stopping by........

Monday, April 16, 2012

I just finished stitching this little Shepherds Bush design. Its a portion of Holly and Ivy. I used a pretty opalescent lugana by Silkweavers.  I bought a large piece with the plan to stitch something large on it and then I started cutting it up. This is the last of it, sigh. 

I used HDF silks in any color I wanted. I think I'm going to make it into a hanging ornament.  I'm pretty sure. Hopefully I will get that done today.

I did take out "And a Garden Grew" this morning. I really want to start working on it again too. Like I said in an earlier post, I made this once and now I have the perfect frame for it so I'm doing it again.

This is another one that I'm just choosing colors as I go. I love Rosewood Manor designs but don't really have the patience to take out 125 skeins of floss and find the right one just to put in 2 stitches and go to another color. So that is why I just do them in the colors I want, its just faster to me and more fun.

I like the way this one is going but I have to admit that I liked the way I did the last one. I'm comparing the two but trying not to .

Something else I started this weekend, notice the word started..............

Its a rug punch sheep pillow. I didnt get much done on mine. I thought it was hard to do. Not hard, like trying to figure it out but difficult. Maybe I'm not holding it right, it kept slipping in the frame. It was just very awkward for me. I'm going to try and muddle through over the next few weeks though. I want it it my living room. Maybe I could just put the butt in there, thats what I have finished, then again, maybe it wouldnt look right:)

Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm dragging out "And a Garden Grew" today. I'm going to try and put 100 stitches a day in it too. I really don't know how long that will last but I'm going to give it a try.

I did'nt get anything done yesterday. It was very nice here and I worked in my flower beds. Of course today its raining so I should have no excuses for not stitching a little bit.  Except for the fact that I really should clean my house......Maybe I could do both, maybe not though.

This is a needleroll that I made a while back. I don't remember the name but its a Danybrod design.

I like the colors in it. I used a french seam inside so there are no raw edges. I remember the first time I did a french seam. I thought, how can that work but it does and its very very simple.  I DMC to crochet the little ties for the ends. I pulled threads in the ends so I could weave the ties through the fabric.  This needleroll did'nt turn out so long and skinny and I like it better than the other one I did. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I stitched more than 100 stitches on Spring Quaker yesterday, its not much when you look at it but it is some progress.  I'll post a picture once a week of my progress or non-progress.  I really want to stick with it. I dont think I have finished BAP for myself in forever. Maybe 3 years. 

I did finish Rosewood Manors And a Garden Grew a little over a year ago but.............I did'nt want to pay a fortune to frame it. I did that once and I was not  terribly impressed, so I looked and looked and looked for a frame and could'nt find one. Eventually I gave in and sold it to a person who was in love with it. Guess what? Three days later I found a frame that was the perfect size etc for it...........GRRRRR!!! I wanted to scream in that store but instead I bought the frame and started the design again. Another BAP I hav'nt been working on.  I may be about 1/4 through it, I should drag it out and look I suppose.  Maybe its time for another reality check.

I made one of these a while back and made another yesterday for a friend who quilts.  I took the little rabbit from the Just Nan design called Running Rabbits. I love that design. I think its one of my very favorites. It has rabbits and it can easily be stitched in a day.

You cant really see the bead at the bottom of the fob but its a white lampwork bead with pink flowers and green leaves and it really matches the design. 

I'm off now to put in those 100 stitches. Then I think I'm going to get out And a Garden Grew just to see where I am on it.

I want to stitch and finish something into a hanging something too today. I'm guessing a Shepherd's Bush, as a friend would say "all that pink and green viney stuff", lol.  If I hurry maybe I can get it stitched by tonight. 

Thanks for visiting!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

As promised!! A picture of my progress or non-progress on my SIP (stall in progress) Spring Quaker by Rosewood Manor.  I love the colors in this. I have not changed any of them, odd for me. Seeing this makes me want to start again on it. Maybe I will leave it out and try to do 100 stitches a day.  Maybe that would work.

Someone on the 123 message board gifted this beautiful fabric to me and that makes  me feel pretty guilty about not getting it done. Like I said before its not the linen, its the floss. While the colors are incredible the feel of the floss is just yuck.............

Ok, its a plan. I'm going to put in at least 100 stitches a day on this until its done. Well, not on the weekends maybe, sometimes I don't stitch at all on the weekends.

See you tomorrow!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another late finish and picture for me. This was a very quick stitch for me. Its Tulip Bunny by Just Nan.  I stitched it on a 28 count white linen with plain old DMC floss.

I've been trying to force myself to stitch on linen a little more.  Its not as bad as I remember. I still wouldnt stitch anything large on it. Well, that is not completely true. I am stitching Spring Quaker by Rosewood Manor on linen. I think that saying "I am stitching" Spring Quaker may be a tad bit strong and misleading. I  don't think I have picked it up in 3 months or so. Its not the linen that is bothering me though. Its the Valdani floss. Its beautiful but its feels very course and I really don't like working with it. Its going to be beautiful though if and when I ever finish it.......Anyway..........

I was going to make this into a fob but wanted to crochet an edging for it so I made it into a little pillow instead.   I took 2 pictures of it because in the first one the button looks like its on crooked and the ribbon in the lace looks bumpy.  The button is on right and the lace is flat its just my picture. Taking pictures is not one of the 100 things I do well. 

Maybe I will drag out the Spring Quaker tomorrow and post a picture of it. Maybe that will shame me into working on it.......

See you tomorrow.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sorry I'm posting a finish so late today. Today was not a good day. My 87 year old aunt Dorothy passed away this morning and even though it was expected it wasnt expected so soon. Even when I know its coming I am never ready for that moment or phone call.  All in all it is a blessing that her pain is over now.   She was a very strong and wonderful woman.  She and my mom were SIL's but were like sisters.  I think that  if there is something beyond this world,  they are together and laughing. Knowing the two of them they are probably gambling, lol. I will miss her terribly.

I did finish what I was working on  yesterday.  I was working on a portion of Shepherds Bush Finch Song.

I was undecided if I was going to finish it into a pincushion or pillow yesterday but today I decided a pillow was best. Its fairly large its about 11x7 inches.  I used white 32 count lugana, HDF and Waterlilies silk and in the little basket there are 3 tiny heart buttons.

I could stitch Shepherd's Bush sheep all day, I just love the look of them.  See the tiny one in the right hand corner?

I used a pretty white venise lace and over it I put a cream silk ribbon with embossed flowers.  Then I dug around in my stuff and found some crochet medallions that  my aunt Dororthy had given me that she had made years ago. Using them today made me feel good. Then I took some pink buttons and sewed them to the medallions.  Then I made a cording for the edges.

I'm going to put it in my computer room that I just finished painting and redecorating. I think it will go perfect in there.

I don't know what I'm going to stitch tomorrow........something little if anything. I may take the day off.  I'm not sure yet.

As always, thanks so much for visiting my blog. I really did'nt know what  I was doing when I started it, not really much better now but it sure is fun.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wow, how stinking cute is this bear? I found this on a blog that I was looking at. . The gal that posted the picture sells the pattern on ravalry (I'm not sure thats how you spell that). The only thing stopping me from getting this right now is I don't really have any kids to make it for. If I did I would be all over this one I think.......

I really love to crochet anything in flowers. I was looking on pinterest the other day and found tons of different crochet flowers. Most of them when I followed the links, took  me to the pages and the patterns were free.

Here is a link to the bear if you are interested. I don't know the person who made it or sells the pattern, I just think its super cute. I may still order it. Someone tell me quick why I should'nt!!!!
SOOOOOOO, its after 5 here and the winner of my very first giveaway is....................mrsxmw..........I will be emailing her soon as she left an email addy. Thanks everyone for visiting my blog. I will have giveaways from time to time...........

This weekend I made another pincushion. This one is for a friend who saw one I made just like it around Christmas. She really liked it and I figured this weekend was as good as any to make it. It's Pearl Angel by Just Nan, no I still have not finished Flowering Crown by Just Nan, its really not polite of you to keep wondering, lol. SOMEDAY, I promise...
It's stitched on a bone lungana with DMC floss and Mill Hill petite beads. The face and hands are done in one over, about the most one over I can deal with at a time. I have a friend with a blog who does all her stuff in one over. I bow to her and her greatness or her insanity, I really don't know which.

I've been stitching a little today on a section of  Finch Song by Shepherd's Bush. Its the section with the person and sheep on the hill. I'm going to make it into a hanging something I think. I really want to make it into a little pillow though too so maybe...........  Usually I figure that out when I sit down to finish, I rarely know going into it what its going to be.

I should be outside today, its one of the first really nice days we've had. Its the warmest its been and the sun is shining. I did mangage to go out and weed one of the flower beds around my lilac.

Ok, I just talked myself into it. I'm headed outside to do more weeding.......

Hopefully I will post of finish of the Finch Song ornament/ pillow/etc tomorrow........Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My first giveaway!!!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!! Ok, its not that exciting but to have a chance to win you have to post a comment to my blog.....Go easy on me, its my first blog.  Anyone can enter.Even if you live on Mars. It may take a little longer to get through customs for Mars but it will eventually get there.

The only rule:  Post a comment to my blog, if you don't post to the blog you don't get a chance to win.

I will pick a winner on Sunday April 8th sometime after 5:00 pm my time. I will post the winner on the blog and email you.

In the give away there are 3 charts. 
1. The Cricket Collection, Its in the Basket
2. Hollis Designs, Budding Littles
3. Lizzie Kate, Be Naughty
all are gently used and have shelf wear

Hand dyed fabrics. 2 pieces approx 12x9, on is linen the other lugana. One is an opalescent linen. Other pieces are smaller, ornament size or bookmark size.

2 spools of 12 wt Sulky Blendables

6 Skeins HDF silk floss on tags
6 Skeins HDF silk floss I've taken off the tags
4 Skeins Carries Creations silk floss
20 (I think) skeins of DMC

5 cards of buttons
1 card of charms, a butterfly and dragonfly

Heres a pic of the stash

So thats it. Oh, this is a smoke free home but it is NOT a pet free home. I have 3 dogs and as I mentioned in another post.

So good luck everyone!!!

And here is Gentle Stitches by Shakespears Peddler finished.........Along with at least a couple pieces of pug hair that I missed when I was taking the pictures. The truth is, I have 3 dogs and nothing in my house exists without at least a dog hair or two, sorry. 

About the finishing of this, it was'nt overly fun. Its described in the directions, which I finally read completely after I took it apart the first time, as an easy finish.  Its not terribly hard but I looked at it and said to myself "I know how to do this" and I did'nt. 

First of all, this is finished around a cardboard papertowel tube.  The biggest problem with that for me was that you have to put the stitched piece around it and have it be very snug when you stitch it together . Well, the cardboard tube is very flimsy and it was hard to get it as tight as I would have liked it to be without crushing the tube.  

The ends are felt and I cut the felt smaller than it should have been twice. Of course I did'nt realize that until I had one end stitched 1/2 way around. So I had to take it off and do it again and again. I used a blanket stitch to attach the felt and it looks nice.

I was wondering if instead of a cardboard tube this could be put around something like pvc pipe?  You pad the tube so you would'nt know what it was around. Pvc is lightweight and would be very sturdy. That way when you put the stitched piece on you could really get it tight. I think it would look neater. I may try that some time.

Honestly it was'nt hard to finish. Pay close attention to how long your stitched piece is. I first cut my tube according to the directions but even though I used 32 count my piece needed a slightly longer tube.  Other than that, read your directions, in other words, don't be like me.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Its hard to believe but I did get the stitching finished on Shakespeares Peddlers Gentle Stitches. I'm amazed I got it finished today because I spent most of the day fiddlefarting, as a friend would say, around with my blogs background.

I stitched this on 32 count belfast linen. For me not liking to stitch on linen I really didnt mind doing this one.......maybe I'm going to become a convert, probably not though.

I changed the colors, of course and tomorrow I'm going to try and finish it the way it calls for in the instructions. I've never done anything like it so we will see how it turns out.

My plan is to stitch the LHN chart "A Stitcher's Heart" also in the belfast linen to go with this but we will see if that really happens. As of today though, its a plan.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

This little needleroll is a Shepherd's Bush Design. I think its called Sheep Needleroll.  I added a little white rose venise lace to the ends to dress it up some. Its a skinny little thing, next time I'm going to make it wider. I like them wider.

I usually pull some threads and weave ribbon through them but I was being kind of lazy and decided to just add cording to the ends.  I like the look of it so I guess that lazy worked for me this time.

I'm already stitching something today. It will be a new kind of finish for me, if I can do it. I can't wait to try so I'm off to try and get it stitched today and finished tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Here is the other thing I finished up this weekend.  Its the needlebook and fob by LHN.  I am addicted to LHN designs. I don't stitch them as much as I would like but I like just about all of them when I see them.

This was an order and I put her initials in the corner of the needlebook. She wanted the house white and the roof black so thats what I did. I think the rest of the design is pretty much done in the colors that were called for. I did stitch it on a light lugana instead of the linen that was called for.

I think I need to start trying to stitch more on linen. The truth is I love the look of the linen when its finished. 

I'm not sure what I'm going to start now. I have several things I would like to stitch.........I would love to work on Rosewood Manors And a Garden Grew. I have it started but don't seem to find much time for it.  Its the second one I've stitched, that is a whole other story in itself, sigh.
It looks like spring may really be here, just a little. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 62 degrees. That would be nice because its been nothing but rain here for the last month and the rivers are flooding etc. I'm ready for spring and working in the yard. I'm not ready for real heat though. I'm very consistant, I hate the cold, hate the rain, hate the heat..........maybe consistancy isnt a good thing:)

So I did stitch this weekend.  I made one of these a while back and its a fun design so I stitched it again.

The design is by The Trilogy and its called Happy Bunny Bunny Day.

I used a bone 28 count bone lugana and HDF silk and some unknown silks that I had.   I made the cording for it and used it to tie the little book shut.   I love the little venise lace I put on it. The little blue and white flowers fit perfectly with it. Then I added some little buttons. I was supposed to stitch small flowers but decided against it.

I made a pocket on the one side to hold scissors and then added 2 pieces of felt on the other side for needles. It was fun to do, the part i hate the most is sewing it all together, I always wind up poking a hole in the end of my finger and OWWW that hurts.

I'm finishing up a needlebook and fob today that is an order. Its LHN's Wool Needlbook. I made one a while back, without the fob.

I'm off to finish that up. Will try and post a picture of it later tonight.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.