Monday, April 9, 2012

Sorry I'm posting a finish so late today. Today was not a good day. My 87 year old aunt Dorothy passed away this morning and even though it was expected it wasnt expected so soon. Even when I know its coming I am never ready for that moment or phone call.  All in all it is a blessing that her pain is over now.   She was a very strong and wonderful woman.  She and my mom were SIL's but were like sisters.  I think that  if there is something beyond this world,  they are together and laughing. Knowing the two of them they are probably gambling, lol. I will miss her terribly.

I did finish what I was working on  yesterday.  I was working on a portion of Shepherds Bush Finch Song.

I was undecided if I was going to finish it into a pincushion or pillow yesterday but today I decided a pillow was best. Its fairly large its about 11x7 inches.  I used white 32 count lugana, HDF and Waterlilies silk and in the little basket there are 3 tiny heart buttons.

I could stitch Shepherd's Bush sheep all day, I just love the look of them.  See the tiny one in the right hand corner?

I used a pretty white venise lace and over it I put a cream silk ribbon with embossed flowers.  Then I dug around in my stuff and found some crochet medallions that  my aunt Dororthy had given me that she had made years ago. Using them today made me feel good. Then I took some pink buttons and sewed them to the medallions.  Then I made a cording for the edges.

I'm going to put it in my computer room that I just finished painting and redecorating. I think it will go perfect in there.

I don't know what I'm going to stitch tomorrow........something little if anything. I may take the day off.  I'm not sure yet.

As always, thanks so much for visiting my blog. I really did'nt know what  I was doing when I started it, not really much better now but it sure is fun.


  1. I'm very sorry for your loss and pray that your sweet memories of your dear aunt will comfort you at this time.

    Beautiful job on your SB!

  2. Thanks so much Rita for your kind words. Yesterday was a terrible day but things will get better. I really enjoyed stitching the Shepherd's Bush. I think I'm addicted to their designs. Thanks for stopping by:)

  3. So sorry to hear about your Aunt Dorothy - at least she will be at peace now. Even when it's expected it's never easy but with the finished piece of stitching you have added a lasting reminder of her along with your memories.

  4. I will always think of Dorothy when I see this pillow. I'm glad about that.