Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This little pillow is another design by Sheperd's Bush called Softly Spring. I love this design and have stitched it more than a couple times. Its just fun to do. I had this almost stitched so it only took me an hour or so to finish it up yesterday

 I did this one on lugana, like almost everything I stitch and more HDF silk floss.  I did a ruched ribbon around the edges of it.

This time it turned out good but before I had problems doing it. The biggest thing is don't skimp on the ribbon. You want the ribbon to be tight so when you sew it on there aren't any gaps.

So, the 100 stitches a day thing......hmm. Well I have kind of fallen off the wagon but not completely. I was going to stitch 100 stitches a day on Spring Quaker and on  And a Garden Grew. Well yesterday and today I didn't stitch any on Spring Quaker but I've gotten a lot done on And a Garden Grew. I will post a picture of my progress on it tomorrow. I am 1/3 of the way through the design. Maybe a little more. 

I plan on making big changes to the lower portion of the design. I think this time I'm not even going to put in the arbor or the words, which means I will have to fill that entire section  in with little designs.  I may do the arbor yet but I have pretty much decided on leaving off the saying. Last time I made it I altered the saying.

I really want to finish it because I'm planning on painting my living room in the next few weeks and would love to have it ready to hang on the wall, that may be a little optimistic of me.

Ok, I'm off for the evening. Like always, thank you for stopping by........


  1. Thanks Rita!! Its just pincushion size but I have some of them in a basket and they are really cute:0