Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Here is todays finish. I stitched most of it yesterday and finished up this morning. This is Good Cheer Pincushion by The Shepherds Bush. As you can see its not a pincushion. I made it into an ornament.

It was another fast item to stitch. The truth is I love stitching Shephers Bush designs and they always seem to go fast. The more sheep the better.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do next. I really really really really need to finish up that Thanksgiving Exchange item. I'm having a tough time powering through it though. I hate it when that happens. I also need to get to work on Rosewood Manors And a Garden Grew. I have a huge empty space on my living room wall now because a picture fell off the wall the other night and shattered. :(

Ok see you tomorrow, hopefully I will have another finish.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Found a blog with a very cute felt reindeer and thought it might look really cute with a stitched blanket. I think I was right. This was another super quick stitch.

I love the little button nose:)

Wish I could say that I was stitching on or finished my exchange pinkeep but I made mistake and had to take out a bunch, ugh. I hate doing that, it just ruins it for me for the day.

The plan tomorrow is to get back on it and at least get to where I was. Time to mail is getting closer every day.

Thanks for visiting:)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Did the finishing on a couple today. The first one is Shepherds Bush Poor Robin.  It was supposed to be a pincushion but I made it into an ornament. I made the little polymer clay nose for it.

The next one is a freebie from The Drawn Thread, its on their website, called First Snow.

I'm trying to get the Thanksgiving exchange pinkeep done.  I'm easily distracted, ugh.........

Hope to see you tomorrow.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Here is what I finished up yesterday. I had it stitched and finally got the rest of the buttons in the mail.  I really love it.  Please excuse the nail hole in the wall that I made and attempted to cover up, I guess I should do it the right way, sigh.

Anyway, this is Tall Sheep by The Shepherds Bush, remember I said I wanted to start it? It was a very fast stitch. It was supposed to be stitched on a 20 fabric but all I had was davosa in 18 count and it worked really well.  I bought it on ebay a few years ago and rarely use it but its great for something like this or to make a large biscornu. Stitching on it goes very quickly.

I think I may make another one with out the pins and buttons but on a 28 count. I want a little pincushion with this design on it.

I changed the colors on this because I like changing the colors:)  I used HDF silk floss. I just love the little buttons and pins. I made it so it can hang too but for now I like it this way.

So that is what I finished up last night. Now I'm starting on another project. Hope it turns out.

Thanks for visiting and see you soon.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Just finished up three of the button leg reindeer. I had the stitching done, just had to put everything together. I'm glad to be finished with these three. They are fun to do but it takes a long time to finish.

The stitched designs are all part of Just Nans Merry Fifteen biscornu. They are tiny and fit just right. These little button leg things work up so cute. I think I should make a button leg sheep. I still dont have one of my own.

So thats if for today. I will go and start something else. I should start Ginger Joy or work on my Thanksgiving exchange. I really want to start Tall Sheep though. I'm going to keep it when I'm finished with it..........I dont keep many of the things I make. I think I have about 5 things other than large pictures that I have on my walls.

Ok, see  you tomorrow.
Finished up a couple more this morning. I've made both of these before. They are quick and fun.

Now I'm working on three button leg reindeer and one button leg snowman. My plan is to finish all of them today.

I really want to make Just Nans Ginger Joy too. Then again I want to start on Tall Sheep by the Shepherds Bush, then again I have to finish my Pinkeep for the Thanksgiving exchange........sigh.

Gosh I have a list of what I need to do and what I want to do. I wish just for once they were the same list, lol.

See you later or tomorrow.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wow, we got rain last night, first time in a couple months. Its kind of nice but cold. I'm sure my little bushes I planted this summer are thrilled, they have had  a tough summer and arent doing so good.

Here are Rudy Reindeer and Blitzen Glistens by Just Nan.  I finished them up last night. They are fast to stitch, maybe 3 hours each. 

On Rudy Reindeer the snowlakes are done in one over and I used Keinik braid to do that. I think I need a congratulations on that one or maybe I need to be slapped. First of all, I HATE one over and doing it with that braid was a nightmare. I wont be doing that again.

On Blitzen Glistens the four little cardinals are done in one over. Did I mention I HATE one over, oh yeah, I did. Well, I still do.  Still they were much easier to do with good old DMC.  I used a fuzzy kind of cording stuff I found at Hobby Lobby. I like the look of it.

I actually stitched this on linen. I rarely stitch on linen, mostly lugana but I like the way it turned out and I actually liked stitching on it. Weird.

Ok, today I'm doing finishing for someone else. I would like to get a couple of my button leg reindeer done too but I'm thinking that wont happen.

 I had a tough week a couple weeks ago and I guess a friend figured I needed a surprise in the mail.  Anyway, I got Tall Sheep along with the little pins for it, Creepy Pincushion kit, Good Cheer Pincushion kit and a little packet of three adorable sheep buttons. I do love sheep you know.

I really want to start the tall sheep one, badly.

See you tomorow

Friday, October 12, 2012

wow, I just looked at the last picture and realized how badly centered it is. Nothing I can do about it though because the fabric is not large enough to fix it, ugh.........
Heres the other one I had finished, I just needed to take a picture. Its The Stars in the Heavens by The Stitching Parlor.  I think its a super cute design and was another quick stitch. I have to say the finishing was a little more time consuming on this one. Getting the stitching centered and having enough fabric was iffy towards the end. I was afraid I had cut too close to the stitching but I managed to pull it off.

So thats what I did today. Tomorrow I will finish up a few more, then I have some to finish for someone else. Then hopefully back to stitching on Sunday. 

Thanks for stopping by......
I've been stitching this week. I have two finished so far today and 5 or so more to go.  The first picture is a design by The Trilogy called Winter Spots. It was a fun and quick stitch.

I got the little lights and buttons at Hobby Lobby when they were 1/2 off, I looove 1/2 off. Anyway, I thought they would be really cute on this.

The next one is one of Marilyn Leavitt-Imblums, I hope I spelled that right. Its her 1991 angel.  I love her angels. I think she passed away just a short time ago.  When I first started cross stitching big stuff I was in love with her large angels. I stitched almost all of them at one time or another. She created beautiful designs.

I will have one more to show in a few minutes just have to get a picture.  See you soon!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

No stitching this weekend but I did get the part for my Ott light and that makes me very happy.

We have had bad frosts this last week and I'm out mucking the yard. All the dead flowers, sigh. 7 contractors bags, thats a lot! It makes me sad but I will be happy again come spring when the flowers that are perennials just start coming up all over:)  I cant wait to see my little tree in the spring covered with its pink flowers that last a very long time. It grew a lot this summer.

I did stitch a little come to think of it because I'm in the Thanksgiving exchange over at "Hooked on Exchanging". So I did work on my Thanksgiving pinkeep for my partner.

No stitching today though I'm going to Montana with my friend to pick up her son from his grandparents.  Hopefully back to it tomorrow though.

Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Heres my picture as promised of the penny rug with the pennies on it.  I looooove it.

Yes I know, I still dont know how to change the date on my camera. 

So I must go back outside and continue stalking the UPS man, as I'm sure you know, stalking them makes them get to your house faster.

Thanks for stopping by.
I just checked the UPS tracking number and it says my ott light part is out for delivery today, WOO HOO is all I can say to that. I'm not sure how I ever survived without that light. I also finished the pennies for the sheep penny rug and I'm sewing them on today so hopefully this evening I will have a picture to post of it completely done.

We got a very hard frost last night and my poor dahlias are goners. That makes me so sad.  I loved going out and looking at them. The tomato plants bit the dust too. I just picked all the green ones and will see if any of them ripen. Three huge bowls of them. I planted cherry and roma this year. First time for the romas and I can't tell you how many were on that plant, hundreds for sure. I've given away about 3 gallons of them and now I've picked the larger ones and the vines are still covered in small ones..........poor babies...

Ok I'm off to stalk the UPS driver..........

Hopefully I will have a picture later tonight......