Sunday, October 7, 2012

No stitching this weekend but I did get the part for my Ott light and that makes me very happy.

We have had bad frosts this last week and I'm out mucking the yard. All the dead flowers, sigh. 7 contractors bags, thats a lot! It makes me sad but I will be happy again come spring when the flowers that are perennials just start coming up all over:)  I cant wait to see my little tree in the spring covered with its pink flowers that last a very long time. It grew a lot this summer.

I did stitch a little come to think of it because I'm in the Thanksgiving exchange over at "Hooked on Exchanging". So I did work on my Thanksgiving pinkeep for my partner.

No stitching today though I'm going to Montana with my friend to pick up her son from his grandparents.  Hopefully back to it tomorrow though.

Thanks for dropping by.

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