Saturday, November 15, 2014

So I have actually finished a few things, not many but its much harder to find time to stitch with Payton in the house, lol.

The first is the Holly and the Ivy from the Drawn Thread. I sewed mill hill beads around the edges, I think it really makes a nice finish.

Next is Oh Deer by Just Nan. I finished it by painting a little wooden sled white and mounting it on there. I think next time I will paint the sides of the runners with some little design, who knows.

The pincushion is Peekaboo Pincushion by Indigo Rose.

Next is Joyful Night by Shepherds Bush, I really like that design. I've stitched it several times.

The last one is Just Nans newest mouse. Its Gingerbread Angel Mouse and its pretty cute. It has little wings on its back and a little sequin halo on its head.  Very quick and fun stitch.

That's all for today, maybe I'll stitch more this week:)