Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I'm not sure this counts as a new finish, its more of a redone finish. I had finished this with a crochet and chenille edging but just didnt like it so.... I redid it. This time I added beads and bows and buttons. I like it way way way better. Its a design by Chessie & Me called Rabbit Run.

I think it turned out much better than my first attempt with it. See ya later!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

And two more finishes for today. Ok, things I already had stitched but still its something. Both of these are from Just Nans Hoppington Hill design. I used two portions of the design to make these hanging ornaments.  I stitched them both on blue 28 count lugana with DMC.  Used perle cotton to make the cording and added lace.

Pretty cute I think.  Well no clue what tomorrow will bring. I do have a couple more things to finish. One into a biscornu. I love biscornus but hate the stitching lines around the design and the line to match on the other fabric.............just cant stand it, lol

Thanks for stopping by:))))
Woo Hoo two more finishes for me. I had stitched this first one a couple weeks or more ago. Its Glad Heart by Shepherds Bush. I decided to make it into a hanging ornament and I like how it turned out but then I just love Shepherds Bush.

I used perle cotton to make the cording. I'm really liking doing that, costs less than using two skeins of dmc and makes a thicker and prettier cording I think.............

And my next finish.... I stitched this yesterday, its called Signs of Spring by Annalee Waite Designs. Its an older design but I dont know how old. I do know I saw it a long time ago and wanted to stitch it, bought it and never did.  This was a very fun and quick stitch, maybe 4 hours or so. I really loved doing it.

I really love the bright colors in this one and all the little motifs, fun fun fun.

No idea if I will get anything stitched today, probably not. Thanks for coming by:))))))

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How crazy is this? 3 count them, 3 finishes in one day, lol.  This is Lizzie Kates Sew Seeds of Love. It was a bonus chart. I stitched it on 28 count white lugana with HDF silk flosses. I made the little bee button and the cording that I tied it shut with. The yellow ribbon is a hand dyed silk by Hand Dyed Fibers.

Here is the stitched piece

And here is the finished piece

I can guarantee you that is my last finish for the day. Hope to finish and post something tomorrow:))))

And here is Just Nans Wildflower Wishes. I stitched it on a 32 count white lugana with DMC cotton. Around the edges I used a perle cotton for the cording and then added the flower button in the center. Yes, I know, another pincushion. Thats ok though because my next thing is a needleroll, lol.

Thats it for today, I'm hoping to be back tomorrow with a couple more finishes. See you then!!
I am finally doing a little finishing today. I finished up Danybrods design called Spring Is Smiling. I posted a picture of it earlier after I had stitched it  and wasnt sure what I would do with it but.................its a pincushion/pillow. Go figure right?  I stitched it on a 32 count antique white lugana with some really wonderful vareigated flosses. I made a little polymer clay bee button and a dragonfly button for the design and added them in the section where the words were supposed to go. I think it looks more balanced with them added. Then I crocheted an edging for it and wove through the edging a really pretty hand dyed silk ribbon that I've had forever. I love the ribbon through it:))))

So here is the flat piece

And here is the finished piece and I have to say I really love the colors in this one:)))

I am just finishing up Just Nans Wildflower Wishes and I will post of picture of it in the next little bit. A huge surprise, its a pincushion too, ok, not much of a surprise, lol. Thanks for stopping by :))))))

Saturday, April 13, 2013

I finished stitching something else. This is Sew Seeds by Lizzie Kate. I'm going to make it into a needleroll but I'm a little concerned that I pulled my threads a little closer than I wanted to the design, oh well, too late now. Maybe I will do a decorative stitch through those and pull some up a little  higher, probably not........hmmm

I made a little polymer clay bee button and added it. I love polymer buttons. I really need to practice though because mine are barely passable, lol.

Ok, I'm off to stitch something else. One of these days I'll do some finishing.

Thanks for visiting:)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oh, one more thing. Look at the adorable new Just Nan I reserved today. Its called Barnabee in Bloom and I think its pretty cute. I'm not super sure of the colors but may improvise on that part like I usually do. I think it will be pretty cute when finished. I don't think the shops get it until the 22 of April though so its sit back and wait time. I'm not really very good at sit back and wait time:)

I haven't been doing any finishing but I have been stitching. The first is Peace and Plenty by Shepherds Bush and I'm really sure I'm going to make it into a pincushion.

I think its a very cute little design and was very quick to stitch.

Next is Spring Heart Hop by Island Cottage Needlearts. I stitched it on a really pretty gingham linen called Graziano Linen.  I love the way it turned out, I think it will make a very pretty hanging heart ornament.

The next is Sonnenburg by Brightneedle. I stitched it with lots of Waterlilies silk floss and I love how bright it turned out. I added the buttons in the corners along with the pearl beads and I plan to make it into a biscornu. Noticed I have tied the butterfly button to it so I don't lose it. I'm famous for losing things that I think are perfect for something, lol.

The last is Little Sheep Virtues Peace by Littlehouse Neeleworks.  I think this is a really cute series and have no clue to finish it:)       
Well thanks for stopping by again. I wish I was posting daily but its just not happening. See  you tomorrow, maybe