Sunday, September 30, 2012

I haven't stitched anything in over a week, not because I'm being lazy and  not stitching or don't want to though. I actually painted the living room and redecorated it......Oooooh just a minute I have made something, I will run and take a pic and show you............

Here it is, a penny rug. Well its bigger than most penny rugs. Its about 25x26 inches. I found one on ebay and fell in love with it, put in a bid that I was sure would guarantee it would be mine and was outbid immediatly so I decided to make my own. It only took about 3 hours start to finish and would have gone faster but I was using fusible web to hold the pieces in place before I did the blanket stitch around them and apparently I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to that stuff. I did finally get the hang of it though.  Kind of.

Its not completely finished because I am making triple pennies to put on each of the little green "tabs" around it.  I figured I will  make all of them first then put them on. So he is on my endtable though and very cute.

Another reason I'm not stitching is I broke the plug in part on my ott lamp and I have one ordered.  I was afraid I would have to buy a whole new lamp but contacted the company that makes them and I was able to order the piece even though my lamp is about 9  years old. I was thrilled and hopefully it will be here Monday or Tuesday.

So heres a new picture of my pug Quincy...........he's wearing Sophies snake on his head, don't ask.........This is the first picture of Quincys face, well the side of his face,  since he was a baby, hes camera shy or maybe just a butthead when it comes to letting his picture be taken. 

No my living room is not that color yellow.  The background colors are way off in this picture.  Notice the deformed couch pillow in the background? Thats because Sophie in her 22 pounds of glory perches up there all the time, sigh, dogs gotta love em....

Hopefully I will be stitching by Monday or Tuesday, as soon as the lamp part comes. I don't know how I stitched without that lamp before.

Thanks for stopping by...........

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Have I stitched today? Uhhhh......thats a NO!  I should do it now but that evil friend of mine is forcing me to go to Hobby Lobby with her. I will go but I will be kicking and screaming the whole way.  Ok, I will be kicking and screaming with excitement because first off, I barely have a life and second, I havent been to Hobby Lobby in a long long time and third, my evil friend and I laugh alot. WOO HOO!!!!

I really want to get the Drawn Thread design finished tomorrow, the stitching and the finishing part. 

So I have a question for you guys out there. Where are some great sites with pictures of different types of finishing? I stalk The Worlds Largest Collection of Smalls 1 and 2 and a few others but would love to know some blogs or sites out there with great, unusual, different finishing pictures. No tutorials needed, just great pics for ideas.

So I'm off to Hobby Lobby!!! I know it wont be fun but I will try and act like I'm having fun:)

See you tomorrow.
I received my Halloween Exchange today and its fantastic!! Edgar made me this cute little halloween box. The design is on a dyed linen and I just love the little ghost charm.  He also sent lots of candy goodies. I almost forgot about taking a picture to post to the Exchange blog, thankfully there were still a few M&Ms left in the bag or everyone would know how little self control I have. He also sent fabric and a very cute Halloween trim. He does a beautiful job of stitching and a side note he has beautiful handwriting, much nicer than mine for sure:)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Ummmm, I didnt stich anything today. I got sidetracked by my friend who MADE me go with her shopping.........well she did, sort of........Ok, I wanted to go, sigh.

I am stitching on the Drawn Thread design though. I was hating the queens stitches so much I changed them. They are my least favorite stitch in the world to do. Well maybe not in the world but of the stitches I can do, they are my least favorite.  They are time consuming, not good for someone who loves instant or fairly instant gratification and they look messy when I finish.  I'm sure  I'm doing them right I just dont like the finished product. Now my design will have spider web roses done with perle cotton instead. Hope it turns out ok.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to finish it up. Also and I found a couple pieces that I had stitched and misplaced so I  may try and finish them too. 

So those are my plans for the weekend and maybe some of them will get done. Hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

As I is a picture of the design by Shepherd's Bush called Come. When I was trying to figure out how to finish it this red fringe just jumped out at me so I figured it was a sign that I should use it. Some would have taken it as a sign to clean up the craft area......not me!

I loooove the little sheep flower at the top of the design. I could stitch Shepherd's Bush sheep all day. Ok, maybe not all day but I do like stitching them. I also love that I can just use whatever color I want in these designs.

Tonight I'm stitching a little design by The Drawn Thread. Its an old one I think. My plan is to make it into a sewing book tomorrow.  Lets see if that happens. 

Thanks for coming by!
I stitched this little pumpkin face this morning and made him into a standup. I used a 28 count jazlyn fabric called Pumpkin Spice. Its a great color for a pumpkin I think.  I had the buttons from last year. I found them at Joannfabric after Halloween and snagged a few thinking I would find a use for them. For a change I was right:)

I used a white satin ribbon, then an orange grosgrain and then a green satin ribbon with polka dots for around the standup. Pretty cute I think.

I did finish the Shepherds Bush design Come.  I will finish it into an ornament in a little while and probably post a picture of it tonight.

I dont know what I'm going to stitch next, I have a few things out. I get sidetracked so darn easy any more.

Thanks for coming by my blog, see you later or tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I made and finished another button leg reindeer and another button leg snowman. They are fun to do. The stitching is pretty fast too.

This time the snowman is smaller, more the size of the reindeer. I would say they are for a big Christmas tree. This time on the reindeer I was digging around looking for something and came across a package of little wooden pegs, what I had them for I dont know but I thought they would be great for hooves and I really like them. 

Now I'm stitching Come by Shepherd's Bush. I'm hoping to do most of the stitching tonight and finish tomorrow and make it into an ornament.

I sure get sidetracked easy. I sit down and plan out what I'm going to do and the next thing I know I'm looking through charts and changing my mind, ugh..........I wish I could stay on track.

So "IF" I  stay on track I should have a picture of the Shepherds Bush design tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting............

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I don't have anything to show right now. Weekends and stitching don't really go together for me.  I am working on the Halloween exchange ornament though and the plan this week is another button leg reinder and snowman along with 3 other things. Hope i can stay on track.

Hopefully I will have something to show tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Yesterday I took my friends advice again..... I'm sure shes very full of herself today because I've taken her advice twice, in one week no less, sigh... Anyway, she suggested a button leg snowman and I gave it a try.  I used felt again for the body. I like felt, its very forgiving.  The eyes are beads I painted, the nose is a very soft, kind of fuzzy fleece that I bought for something special, what I dont remember.  The twigs are from my snowball bush out back, how approriate is that?

I knitted the little cap and scarf for him and then added the decorations. Hes pretty cute. I like the reindeer better though.  Hes pretty big, about 17 inches long. I may try and make a smaller one for a Christmas tree ornament.

I also stitched a little, very little, on my Halloween exchange ornament. I really need to get going on it.......I have time but I tend to wait until the last minute and I don't want to do that this time.

So I'm off to stitch on the Halloween exchange or start something else:)

Friday, September 7, 2012

I decided to give my friends idea a whirl and I made a button leg reindeer. Its much smaller than the button leg sheep I've made. Its more ornament size, for a large tree.  I used summer khahi lugana for the body. I really hated stitching on that fabric, its very stiff.  I used felt for the back of the body, head and antlers.  Then I just decorated the heck out of it.

I just love the way it turned out. I guess my friend has good taste, after all I am her friend.....ok, me as a friend may be a little questionable:)

I don't know if I'm going to stitch anything today.  I'm just not sure.

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Today I stitched a design by My Big Toe called John 3:16. I used a 28 count white lugana and HDF silk floss . The little santa is something I got at Walmart after Christmas last year. I bought several things like him thinking maybe I could use them on ornaments.

Now I'm thinking about making a button leg reindeer. It will be like my sheep that I posted the pattern for earlier in my blog. My friend gave me the was really my idea.........ok it wasn't my idea it was my friends, sigh.  Anyway the idea sounds really cute to me and I think I'm going to give it a try, if I don' t get sidetracked, which I do often.

So I'm outta here for now, off to think about that reindeer and hope nothing shiney gets in the way.

Thanks for coming by:)

OOPS, speaking of something shiney. I'm in a Halloween exchange and I better get that going........maybe after the reindeer????

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I decided to do Spring Heart Hop by Island Cottage Needle Arts as a pincushion. I didn't finish it the way they did though. I used white pearl beads and bicone swarovski crystals in several different colors of pink to finish it. I have to say..........I LOOOVE IT!!!  I love the bunny, love that I changed the colors to pink, love the beads......WOO HOO !

I'm not sure what I'm going to stitch next.  Time to dig through the charts again.......Maybe I will make a needlebook. I've been thinking about doing a Drawn Thread design that I found the other day. I know this will surprise you all but it has a bunny on it, shocking.

See you tomorrow.
I finished my Deer Lodge ornament by Bent Creek. My theory was to make it in the shape of the little barn/stable but those ideas went to the wayside because I couldn't figure out a way to do it. It just looked weird at the top. 

I put a purchased cording on it and then I made a cording to go next to it. Then just a simple cording bow and snowflake. This was a fun little stitch.

So the plan now is to finish the Cottage Island design. I know its going to be a pillow because I've done that much. Not sure if its going to be a hanging "something" or a pincushion right now though. Decisons decisions.

I'm hoping to stitch something little this evening........hoping anyway......

Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I just finished stitching this but won't make it into an ornament tonight. I will save that for tomorrow morning.  This is Deer Lodge by Bent Creek. I love the little reindeer weathervane on the top.

I stitched it on 28 count bone lugana with HDF silk and DMC cotton. Its a cute design. Tomorrow I plan on making it into an ornamnet, maybe shaped like the design, I'm not sure. I still need to make my Island Cottage design into something. I'm still undecided about that one.

Thanks for stopping by, see you tomorrow!

Monday, September 3, 2012

I just finished Holly and Ivy by The Drawn Thread. Its the ornament that is included in that chart. I made this ornament once before on an opalescent fabric. This one turned out nice too but I liked the opalescent better.

I'm thinking about making a button leg sheep or maybe a Just Nan gingerbread stocking. I'm not sure. I need to go and look through my charts and decide.

Thanks for visiting........

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I just went out and took a couple pictures of my dahlias, just in case they are gone tomorrow. They are very pretty.  I have several flower beds but this one I used Miracle Gro potting soil, the kind that they say you don't have to fertilize for 3 months. I figured that was just talk but these are dahlias that were just in little pony packs and they are huge now. The same flowers that I planted in regular potting soil are about 1/2 the size year its all Miracle Gro for me.

As you can see I still can't change the date on my camera.  Ok, now I really am off to do more finishing.

Till tomorrow!
I did stitch and finish something after all today. Its a lollipop ornament. I asked on the 123 message board if anyone knew of  a red/white peppermint candy freebie and someone did. I stitched it up this morning.   It took longer than the snowman but I think it turned out pretty sweet, get it, sweet......Ok I'll stop.  So here is the picture.

I think some gold beads would have been nice on it too but I didn't really have any that seemed the right size. It seems like now matter how many I have I never have the right size/color etc, sigh.

I havn't made my little Island Cottage design into anything but will, maybe tomorrow. I'm still finishing stuff for other people. I hope to be done with those by Wednesday, Tuesday would be great but the slacker in me says that is a dream.

I think I will go out in the yard and look at the flowers, they are saying we could get a frost tonight. If we do my dahlias are probably a done deal. They are really gorgeous too.

 See you tomorrow and thanks for dropping by.