Thursday, September 20, 2012

I stitched this little pumpkin face this morning and made him into a standup. I used a 28 count jazlyn fabric called Pumpkin Spice. Its a great color for a pumpkin I think.  I had the buttons from last year. I found them at Joannfabric after Halloween and snagged a few thinking I would find a use for them. For a change I was right:)

I used a white satin ribbon, then an orange grosgrain and then a green satin ribbon with polka dots for around the standup. Pretty cute I think.

I did finish the Shepherds Bush design Come.  I will finish it into an ornament in a little while and probably post a picture of it tonight.

I dont know what I'm going to stitch next, I have a few things out. I get sidetracked so darn easy any more.

Thanks for coming by my blog, see you later or tomorrow.


  1. That is just the cutest thing ever. The bow looks like his hat! Love how you used 3 different ribbons too.

  2. So cute. You are a master at finishing:)

  3. Thanks Annie and Sharine. One of these days I want to try and make a 15 sided biscornu and mattress pincushion......I would love to try and make one of the chairs by The Cats Whiskers too........I think the chair scares me a little though:)

  4. Love it!
    What a great use of fabric!


    I really like your blog.. i have linked you on mine...