Saturday, September 1, 2012

I did stitch and finish something after all today. Its a lollipop ornament. I asked on the 123 message board if anyone knew of  a red/white peppermint candy freebie and someone did. I stitched it up this morning.   It took longer than the snowman but I think it turned out pretty sweet, get it, sweet......Ok I'll stop.  So here is the picture.

I think some gold beads would have been nice on it too but I didn't really have any that seemed the right size. It seems like now matter how many I have I never have the right size/color etc, sigh.

I havn't made my little Island Cottage design into anything but will, maybe tomorrow. I'm still finishing stuff for other people. I hope to be done with those by Wednesday, Tuesday would be great but the slacker in me says that is a dream.

I think I will go out in the yard and look at the flowers, they are saying we could get a frost tonight. If we do my dahlias are probably a done deal. They are really gorgeous too.

 See you tomorrow and thanks for dropping by.


  1. Love it and your snowman one! Can you share the pattern?


    Erin,this is the link to the cyber stitchers free peppermint candy chart. The snowman one is by Bent Creek called Happy Snowman. The finishing I just guessed at.

  3. Thank you!! Your ornaments are too cute! Can't wait to get started!!