Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Yesterday I took my friends advice again..... I'm sure shes very full of herself today because I've taken her advice twice, in one week no less, sigh... Anyway, she suggested a button leg snowman and I gave it a try.  I used felt again for the body. I like felt, its very forgiving.  The eyes are beads I painted, the nose is a very soft, kind of fuzzy fleece that I bought for something special, what I dont remember.  The twigs are from my snowball bush out back, how approriate is that?

I knitted the little cap and scarf for him and then added the decorations. Hes pretty cute. I like the reindeer better though.  Hes pretty big, about 17 inches long. I may try and make a smaller one for a Christmas tree ornament.

I also stitched a little, very little, on my Halloween exchange ornament. I really need to get going on it.......I have time but I tend to wait until the last minute and I don't want to do that this time.

So I'm off to stitch on the Halloween exchange or start something else:)


  1. He is gorgeous. Would you be willing to post tutorials for these?

  2. Rachel, I didnt keep the pattern I cut out for him but I could redo it this weekend. Hes pretty big, maybe 18 inches from bottom of the legs to the top of the hanger. I would like to make a smaller one, more tree sized. I'll see what I can do this weekend. I warn you though, I'm much better at doing than explaining:)