Monday, January 19, 2015

So here are a couple pics of the little terror that has come to live with me, lol. In the first one Payton is 16 months. The second is a pic in December, 20 months old.  Never thought I would be doing this again at 56 but...........what the heck right:)

So I am kinda, sorta, a little out of my stitching slump, my YEAR long stitching slump.  I made some pincushions.

The first two are a portion of a Danybrod design, I don't remember the name.

The next is Brightneedles Pretty in Pink.

Next is The Trilogys Secret Flower Bed.

The last is a Shepherds Bush design called Blackberry Sampler ( I think) that I made into a pinkeep. 

My little grandson came to live with me when he was just 16 months old and trying to stitch with him in the house is proving to be challenging, lol. Hes 21 months old and into everything there is to be into. LOL.

So, I'm off for today and will hopefully post something else this weekend..........fingers crossed:)