Monday, June 24, 2013

Soooo, I haven't posted anything in forever because I just haven't been stitching. Not completely true, I did stitch two things last week and my plan is to make them into something this week. 

Well last Friday I picked up "And a Garden Grew" by Rosewood Manor and started stitching on it again. I kinda figured I could finish it in three days and guess what? You got it kiddos, its done...... :)))))))))  WOW, what a happy dance for me. I stitched this once before and never could find a frame for it.  I sold it and three days later or so I found the perfect frame. I bought the frame and started it again, 2 years later its finally done. WOOO HOOO!!!!

As you can see I completely left out the trellis, roses and words and just filled in with little flowers, birds, bees etc. I really like it.

Now I do have a problem though. I washed it in cold water and of course, the red ran badly around the two birds on the left hand side. The fabric has dried and my question is, if  I re-soak it in ice cold water and keep changing the water , will more of the red come out. Its pretty noticeable to me. Not that I wont frame it and hang it, I will but would love to be able to remove a little more of the red.  I thought maybe I could add a couple tiny butterflies if all else fails. What do you think girls? Should I try soaking it or is it set for life since it air dried?

Heres the pic............drumroll please, lol

I would love any input from you about soaking or not soaking it again.

Thanks for coming by:))