Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wow, we got rain last night, first time in a couple months. Its kind of nice but cold. I'm sure my little bushes I planted this summer are thrilled, they have had  a tough summer and arent doing so good.

Here are Rudy Reindeer and Blitzen Glistens by Just Nan.  I finished them up last night. They are fast to stitch, maybe 3 hours each. 

On Rudy Reindeer the snowlakes are done in one over and I used Keinik braid to do that. I think I need a congratulations on that one or maybe I need to be slapped. First of all, I HATE one over and doing it with that braid was a nightmare. I wont be doing that again.

On Blitzen Glistens the four little cardinals are done in one over. Did I mention I HATE one over, oh yeah, I did. Well, I still do.  Still they were much easier to do with good old DMC.  I used a fuzzy kind of cording stuff I found at Hobby Lobby. I like the look of it.

I actually stitched this on linen. I rarely stitch on linen, mostly lugana but I like the way it turned out and I actually liked stitching on it. Weird.

Ok, today I'm doing finishing for someone else. I would like to get a couple of my button leg reindeer done too but I'm thinking that wont happen.

 I had a tough week a couple weeks ago and I guess a friend figured I needed a surprise in the mail.  Anyway, I got Tall Sheep along with the little pins for it, Creepy Pincushion kit, Good Cheer Pincushion kit and a little packet of three adorable sheep buttons. I do love sheep you know.

I really want to start the tall sheep one, badly.

See you tomorow

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