Sunday, October 14, 2012

Just finished up three of the button leg reindeer. I had the stitching done, just had to put everything together. I'm glad to be finished with these three. They are fun to do but it takes a long time to finish.

The stitched designs are all part of Just Nans Merry Fifteen biscornu. They are tiny and fit just right. These little button leg things work up so cute. I think I should make a button leg sheep. I still dont have one of my own.

So thats if for today. I will go and start something else. I should start Ginger Joy or work on my Thanksgiving exchange. I really want to start Tall Sheep though. I'm going to keep it when I'm finished with it..........I dont keep many of the things I make. I think I have about 5 things other than large pictures that I have on my walls.

Ok, see  you tomorrow.