Thursday, October 18, 2012

Here is what I finished up yesterday. I had it stitched and finally got the rest of the buttons in the mail.  I really love it.  Please excuse the nail hole in the wall that I made and attempted to cover up, I guess I should do it the right way, sigh.

Anyway, this is Tall Sheep by The Shepherds Bush, remember I said I wanted to start it? It was a very fast stitch. It was supposed to be stitched on a 20 fabric but all I had was davosa in 18 count and it worked really well.  I bought it on ebay a few years ago and rarely use it but its great for something like this or to make a large biscornu. Stitching on it goes very quickly.

I think I may make another one with out the pins and buttons but on a 28 count. I want a little pincushion with this design on it.

I changed the colors on this because I like changing the colors:)  I used HDF silk floss. I just love the little buttons and pins. I made it so it can hang too but for now I like it this way.

So that is what I finished up last night. Now I'm starting on another project. Hope it turns out.

Thanks for visiting and see you soon.