Monday, April 2, 2012

It looks like spring may really be here, just a little. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 62 degrees. That would be nice because its been nothing but rain here for the last month and the rivers are flooding etc. I'm ready for spring and working in the yard. I'm not ready for real heat though. I'm very consistant, I hate the cold, hate the rain, hate the heat..........maybe consistancy isnt a good thing:)

So I did stitch this weekend.  I made one of these a while back and its a fun design so I stitched it again.

The design is by The Trilogy and its called Happy Bunny Bunny Day.

I used a bone 28 count bone lugana and HDF silk and some unknown silks that I had.   I made the cording for it and used it to tie the little book shut.   I love the little venise lace I put on it. The little blue and white flowers fit perfectly with it. Then I added some little buttons. I was supposed to stitch small flowers but decided against it.

I made a pocket on the one side to hold scissors and then added 2 pieces of felt on the other side for needles. It was fun to do, the part i hate the most is sewing it all together, I always wind up poking a hole in the end of my finger and OWWW that hurts.

I'm finishing up a needlebook and fob today that is an order. Its LHN's Wool Needlbook. I made one a while back, without the fob.

I'm off to finish that up. Will try and post a picture of it later tonight.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. 

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  1. I love the bunny with the blue it's very spring

    Robin in Washington State