Sunday, April 8, 2012

SOOOOOOO, its after 5 here and the winner of my very first giveaway is....................mrsxmw..........I will be emailing her soon as she left an email addy. Thanks everyone for visiting my blog. I will have giveaways from time to time...........

This weekend I made another pincushion. This one is for a friend who saw one I made just like it around Christmas. She really liked it and I figured this weekend was as good as any to make it. It's Pearl Angel by Just Nan, no I still have not finished Flowering Crown by Just Nan, its really not polite of you to keep wondering, lol. SOMEDAY, I promise...
It's stitched on a bone lungana with DMC floss and Mill Hill petite beads. The face and hands are done in one over, about the most one over I can deal with at a time. I have a friend with a blog who does all her stuff in one over. I bow to her and her greatness or her insanity, I really don't know which.

I've been stitching a little today on a section of  Finch Song by Shepherd's Bush. Its the section with the person and sheep on the hill. I'm going to make it into a hanging something I think. I really want to make it into a little pillow though too so maybe...........  Usually I figure that out when I sit down to finish, I rarely know going into it what its going to be.

I should be outside today, its one of the first really nice days we've had. Its the warmest its been and the sun is shining. I did mangage to go out and weed one of the flower beds around my lilac.

Ok, I just talked myself into it. I'm headed outside to do more weeding.......

Hopefully I will post of finish of the Finch Song ornament/ pillow/etc tomorrow........Thanks for visiting!

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