Thursday, April 12, 2012

I stitched more than 100 stitches on Spring Quaker yesterday, its not much when you look at it but it is some progress.  I'll post a picture once a week of my progress or non-progress.  I really want to stick with it. I dont think I have finished BAP for myself in forever. Maybe 3 years. 

I did finish Rosewood Manors And a Garden Grew a little over a year ago but.............I did'nt want to pay a fortune to frame it. I did that once and I was not  terribly impressed, so I looked and looked and looked for a frame and could'nt find one. Eventually I gave in and sold it to a person who was in love with it. Guess what? Three days later I found a frame that was the perfect size etc for it...........GRRRRR!!! I wanted to scream in that store but instead I bought the frame and started the design again. Another BAP I hav'nt been working on.  I may be about 1/4 through it, I should drag it out and look I suppose.  Maybe its time for another reality check.

I made one of these a while back and made another yesterday for a friend who quilts.  I took the little rabbit from the Just Nan design called Running Rabbits. I love that design. I think its one of my very favorites. It has rabbits and it can easily be stitched in a day.

You cant really see the bead at the bottom of the fob but its a white lampwork bead with pink flowers and green leaves and it really matches the design. 

I'm off now to put in those 100 stitches. Then I think I'm going to get out And a Garden Grew just to see where I am on it.

I want to stitch and finish something into a hanging something too today. I'm guessing a Shepherd's Bush, as a friend would say "all that pink and green viney stuff", lol.  If I hurry maybe I can get it stitched by tonight. 

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  1. Love the finish! Good luck with your BAP's!! I have stopped working on Village of HRH and am not sure why, so there it sits. Hopefully I'll get the urge to work on it sometime soon.

  2. Its weird isnt it?? We see a chart and just "HAVE" to have it and stitch it and then, like you said, here it sits........The truth is sometimes I'm over the chart as soon as I click the submit button on order form.......