Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This is the first biscornu I've ever made that I used cotton fabric on the underside instead of more of the lugana.  I'm not totally sure that I like it a lot. I dont dislike it but it didnt turn out like I thought it would when I viewed it in my mind. Still its sorta ok. 

The design is Charm Garden by Just Nan, its an old freebie of hers. I changed the colors etc and in each of the little squares there is supposed to be a charm, a butterfly, bee, ladybug etc. I've done it that way before but didnt really care for it when I finished so this time I just stitched little butterflies. I do like it better that way. 

I suppose I should get back to Flowering Crown by Just Nan. I'm not really sure that I will though. 


  1. Your biscornu is just beautiful.

  2. Thanks Rita. I have lots of biscornu patterns. I just love making them. Thanks for visiting.