Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So heres the deal, guess what I really hate???? The BULLION KNOT stitch. Yep thats it. Wow what a pain in the.... I bought Valentine Pincushion by Victoria Sampler and I have been sitting here and trying and trying to do the bullion knot stitch. I do one right and then can't do any more right. AARRGGGH!!! I am determined to get it down though or throw the chart away. Hopefully I will get it right.

That is the picture of the set, its very very pretty and I thought, remember I said thought, it looked pretty easy. Thats what I get for thinking.

Honestly I've bought several Victorian Sampler charts over the years and I'm never very happy with them. I see the finished product and they are gorgeous but for some reason I don't really like their charts why did I order this one??? Please don't ask me that question. I have no answers that make sense.

I guess I'm done complaining, for the moment anyway.  I will go back and attempt more bullion stitches.

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