Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Just Nan.  This one is the spring section from her Harmony Sampler. The instructions for that sampler had each season done in a single color of floss. I just wasnt into doing that so I stitched mine in lots of colors and really like it.

I totally love the way this one turned out. The little chicks and the baby birds in the nest are done in one over and of course, I love the little bunnies.  I used a gold tone butterfly charm for the embellishment. I think it was one I had left over from a Lorrie Birmingham design.


  1. your stitching is lovely! i only now appreciate how pretty the Just Nans are. so glad i discovered your blog!

  2. Just Nan was my first favorite designer. Running Rabbits was the first design of hers I did, its still one of my all time favorite charts. Thanks for checking out my blog:)

  3. Thanks Amy. I'm a Just Nan addict, lol.