Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Here is a picture of one I stitched a while back. Its called Clover Sheep and its by Island Cottage Needlearts. Its a very quick stitch and the finish is pretty fast too.  I used  hand-dyed lugana by Silkweaver fabrics  and  HDF silk floss.  The kit came with fabric for the sheep but it frayed terribly and was just barely enough so fraying was a really bad thing. Since the fabric was a mess I just used ordinary felt and I really like the finished product.

Around the sheeps neck I  put a little venise lace with roses and leaves and I used pink ribbon to tie the blanket on the sheep.  The eyes are just little white pearl beads.

Please excuse the date in the bottom corner, I dont know how to change it on my camera and dont know how to edit it out of my pictures, sigh.

Well I had to put up Just Nans Flowering Crown for a couple days.  I have an order for another of the Edens Lament Pincushions by Shepherd's Bush. That works for me. Edens Lament is such a fun stitch and for some reason I'm having a terrible time and  I am just struggling through Flowering Crown.  Maybe when I get back to it I will just whiz through it. No promises though.

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