Saturday, March 24, 2012

Its finally looking like it might be nice outside today. Not really nice but not snowing or pouring rain.  That means no stitching for the weekend probably. I dont usually stitch much on the weekend anyway and this coming week is spring break so I will have all the daycare kids and not much stitching gets done then for sure,lol.

This biscornu is from Just Nan and it is her Anniversay Biscornu. Both sides are supposed to be stitched but I got tired and lazy and only did the one side. I'm bad about that and biscornus.

I put the beads on when I stitch it together and I place a bead every other stitch. It works out perfect when you do that. Thats a little hint I got from the girls over at the 123 message board. Someone there always knows something about whatever kind of help you need.

Before I was stitching it together and going back and adding the beads and the spacing was far from perfect. I think it was harder that way too. I love biscornus. I really like making them too except, the part I hate the most is stitching around the design with the stitches you will use to sew it together, weird huh?  It goes fast and  its easy and I hate it........I'm strange.

I'm stitching on something that I hope turns out really cute. I'll post a picture next week hopefully.  Well, unless it turns out terrible and then I will just hide in my drawer of shame. 

Thanks for stopping by my blog.  Have a great weekend.

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