Thursday, March 29, 2012

In case you were wondering what the naughtiest dog in the world looks like, this is her.....

I know, I know. You are thinking "but she looks so innocent".  Well at the moment I snapped this picture she was innocent but.........this little 16 pound bundle of naughty can cause more destruction in 15 minutes than just about anything I know.

Seriously though, I love her to death.  Sophie is just a little over a year old now and she is not nearly as naughty as she used to be.  She no longer drags in plants from the yard to destroy in the house, she no longer chews up the living room carpet, she no longers gets up on the kitchen chairs and then on to the kitchen table, yes she used to do that.  She does still have a slight love affair with the kitchen garbage can but I never leave without putting it up......maybe she isnt so much less naughty, maybe I'm just trained better. lol.


  1. Trust me as someone who works with dogs everyday and has always had dogs...she's not the naughtiest...but she is very cute!

  2. She is very cute!! Shes so much better than about 6 months ago. I feared for the entire house when I would go somewhere. The first time I found her on the kitchen table she looked at me as if to say "mom , look at the cool things I can do".

  3. She looks a lot like our Soxie who passed in 2011. She was a border collie and adorable. Sweet personality. What breed is she?