Thursday, March 22, 2012

I said I was going to try and stitch something yesterday and I did. I stitched one by Tra La La, its called Duo Noel Mouton.  I stitched it on bone lugana and used Carries Creations and HDF silks on it.  

I really love Carries silks, I love Hdf too, Waterlilies too, ok, I love silks.

I was going to finish it into a pinkeep but decided to leave off the pins and just put it on a little easel that I had.  I am really starting to like French designers.  Tra La La, Jardin Prive etc. they do some really great stuff. I have to say I loooove the little sheep in the Tra La La designs.  Ok, that goes back to me loving to stitch bunnies and sheep.


  1. Really cute finish!
    Love your Leg sheep too!

  2. very cute, I love the color you used for the letters. I too love Carries silk

  3. Thanks Erica and Robin. I'm stitching a Danybrod today. Its got a bunny on it, go figure. Thanks for visiting my blog.