Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wow, I've been sidetracked and I have  not stitched one thing. Honesty that is very strange for me. I didn't work on any BAP or little WIP........I'm ashamed of myself. Well, I'm really not ashamed of myself. The weather has been wonderful and I've just been busy. Soon school will be out and the daycare kids will be here during the days and I will be lucky if I get to stitch at all. UGH, summers.

I still want to finish And a Garden Grew. I need to take it out and just set it on the endtable.  I'm going to do that today, I swear.

The Tra La La design, hmmm. I made a mistake with the green of course. I don't have enough to finish the design now that I've had to take the floss out.........I think I will just stitch sections of the vines and leaves with what I have left and find a coordinating color to fill in with, since its overdyed I may be able to get away with cheating.

I had forgotten all about the little punch needle sheep too. I was scrolling through the blog pictures and saw him..........I tell you I am easily distracted to the point of insanity.  Maybe I will drag him out........maybe.

Here is a new design I may have to get, its by Island Cottage Needlearts and its called Spring Heart Hop. I love bunnies and I love finishing things into heart shapes. That makes this a win win.

Heres another one by Acorn House called Stubborn Bunnies. I think this one is great. I love the bunny that is cute.

These two are going into my definete maybe pile........for sure, probably.

So I'm off to do something, drag out the sheep and the BAP.  Hopefully I will put in at least a few stitches. I must say my 100 stitches a day didn't last long. I'm nothing if I'm not consistent.

Thanks for stopping by, sorry to have been neglecting the blog. I'll try and post daily. 

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