Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I've gotten a tiny bit more done on the Tra La La design.   Finished the cage, stitched two more birds. Now I'm getting really nervous because I don't think I have enough of the green to finish, go figure.  If you remember it is a discontinued color and from way back when the skeins of HDF were stapled.

I didn't get much stitched, the weather is just so nice and it has rained for so long. Maybe the nice weather will help with my funky mood. I'm going to try harder too. Maybe that will help, I hope.

As I look at this picture I'm thinking I really like this design. More than I thought.  Karen told me in the comments section that Diane at LHN had done a very neat finishing of a cross stitch on a "book box". I went to the website and I think I would like to finish this that way. I think I can get a box that is a book at Michaels. Thats on my list for the next trip to the "big" city.  Thanks Karen!!

That's it for today. I'm off to do a few more stitches. When this is done I will drag out And a Garden Grew again.......Will try and finish the sheep punch needle this weekend.......Wow, I sound busy:)

Stop by again!

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