Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Here is a picture of my tree I planted this weekend. I'm sure you were all dying to see it.......well maybe not.  A tree is a tree I suppose to most people  Still, it is the only tree in my yard and I think its great. Its a flowering crab apple and its about 4 feet tall or a little more. Some day it will be huge.

Lots of weeds beyond my fence. The place next door doesn't really care about weeds.  I will throw weed killer on them soon.  The picket fence in the back ground I'm going to paint and try to train cucumbers up it this summer. Not sure it will work though.

So the saying for And a Garden Grew, I think I'm leaning towards the third one. I am over number 2 for sure. I kind of liked it last night but today I dont. 

Well its back to stitching for me............

Come back again. I plan on posting a picture of my progress tomorrow, its not a lot but its progress.

Thanks for coming by.

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