Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This is the first thing I have stitched in many many days. I am just in dark place with my stitching, lol. I just don't want to stitch. Actually I really hate it when I get like this. It seems to happen every few months and makes me crazy. I like to be doing something but when I get like this I become a serial starter and start and start and start and finish nothing. This though, I managed to finish. Probably because the little stitched portion took about an hour. It's done in one over which I really dislike doing. This tiny thing is about as much one over as I can do at one time. 

The little bird and hearts are from a Tra La La design, I added a couple more hearts to even the design out for this little finial pincushion.  The fabric is a very light green hand-dyed 28 count lugana from Silkweavers, it's very pretty. The threads are HDF silks, I love using those.

The finial is wooden and my friend Wendy picked them up for me at Lowes. I painted it blue to match the little bird and then just added some pink gimp around the edges along with a cream colored embossed satin ribbon.

All in all I think it turned out pretty darn cute and it was super fast. The finishing was maybe 1/2 hour including the painting of the finial. You can't beat that. 

Now, my plan for today is to try and stitch another small something and finish it and try and get back into the stitching. sigh......

I haven't touched And a Garden Grew and I'm very disgusted with myself over that. I think one of the main reasons I haven't stitched on it is I don't like the arbor and I think I'm talking myself into frogging it all out and just filling that space with flowers etc.  Now I'm thinking of not even adding the verse I had decided on. I'm not sure how I would put it in without the arbor to frame it.

I know I said I would try and post everyday and I didn't follow through but I will try and post at least every couple days.......I WILL TRY!!!! Hopefully!!

Thanks to everyone that stops by to look. See you tomorrow or the next day.

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