Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I finished something AGAIN, woo hoo. I'm on a roll, lol.  I made another button leg sheep because I love making them and I only had to stitch a small section.........dont judge me, its something at least, lol.  So heres the picture

So looking at the picture I'm not thrilled with the ear placement, oh well, too late now.  Will file "move the ears down" away in my brain somewhere for next time. Oh, the little stitched section is a portion of a Shepherds Bush design called My Moms Garden. 

 I also made another Just Nan Christmas Mouse. I used an ornament hanger for his tail and a button on his butt. I suppose I should post a picture of that too. So here it is.............

I'm trying really hard to get my stitching mojo back. I kinda feel like I'm getting back into it. Trying to stick to things I can stitch up and finish quickly for now.

Fingers crossed I have something to post tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting and not giving up on me:)


  1. Cute finishes. I really love the little sheep!

  2. Those are the sweetest finishes:)

  3. Those are so adorable!!!! The sheep is the cutest thing ever. Congrats on the finishes. I hope your stitching mojo comes back with a vengeance.

  4. The mouse is really cute, but the sheepie is ADORABLE!