Tuesday, January 29, 2013

As predicted I didnt finish anything this weekend but I did start this on Sunday so it kinda counts in my book. Its from Just Nans Harmony Sampler. I took portions from the Spring section and made this pincushion. 

I added lace to it at first and just didnt like the way it turned out, it didnt lay down the way I wanted it to. So I took the lace off and made an crochet edging for it and then crocheted a chain of the pink and wove it through the bottom of the edging. I really like it now, love the colors too:)                               
No clue what I will stitch tomorrow but I'm going to try and do something, wish me luck!!!!!!!          


  1. Very pretty pincushion - good choice for the edging.

  2. That looks so pretty! Did you just sew the edging on? And did you stitch the edging in the round so it was sort of like a picture frame? It seems so hard to get the sizing of the 'frame' perfect! You did a wonderful job on it.