Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So here it is, another finish. I'm on a roll folks.  This is Christmas Sheep by Just Nan. I used a hand dyed lugana by Silkweavers, no idea what the name of it is.

I think its a nice little design but then it has four sheep in it so there can't really be anything wrong with it........can there?

Well I'm trying to clean the house this morning, it really  needs it, I've been very lazy in many respects.  So that means stitching is on hold until I'm done.

My plan is to stitch something today, something small I'm guessing. Maybe at some point I will drag And a Garden Grew back out.  I would really love to see that done.

Thanks for stopping by!!!!


  1. Your Christmas tree is going to be beautiful this year:)

    1. Believe it or not Shrine, I don't have a single cross stitch ornament on my tree. I love beautiful glass ornaments, go figure:-)

    2. Shrine, are you the shrine on the 123 board that is working on faery tales? If you are, incredible work and its almost done! Do you have other wip's or are you just working on this? I would not have the patience to work on just one thing. I can't wait to see it done.