Monday, August 27, 2012

Drum roll please...... I finally finished something. I started it last night and its done today. It's Reindeer Snow Globe by Bent Creek.  Here's a pic in case you don't believe me :)

It was small and a quick stitch and I didn't even hate doing it and I think....shhhh..... I'm saying this quietly in case I have to take it back.......I think I'm over my stitching slump which has lasted about 4 months.  I've had them before but never had them last longer than about 6 weeks. I sure hope its over for a while.

So I'm off to make another Indigo Rose Peek a Boo Pincushion. That is the plan. I want to stitch it tonight and crochet the edging tomorrow and put it together tomorrow night. I'm ambitious. Well at least I'm ambitious at planning things.

Thanks for checking in, sorry for being so lazy this summer. See you tomorrow!


  1. Thanks Sharine. I can't believe anyone is even looking at my blog after the months of no stitching. I thought the finish turned out cute. Kind of a pain getting all the wrinkles out of the fabric in the tight spots though. Thanks for stopping by!!!!