Thursday, August 30, 2012

I have another finish!!!  This is Happy Snowman by Bent Creek. Now I tell you, this is the PERFECT item to stitch. It took all of 30 minutes , bwahahahahahaaaa.  The finishing did not take a lot longer, maybe an hour.  Very easy too.

I like the way he turned out. Maybe I should have put a button or something in the center of the bow, I'm not sure about that though.

I got the idea from a Just Cross Stitch Ornaments preview magazine from 2009 or so. The magazine had this very cute peppermint candy sucker on the front of it.  I wish I had that pattern, it would be fun to stitch, although it would take longer than this little guy did. 

I'm not sure what is next to stitch. I'm in a Halloween exchange. I should probably get started on that because it has to go out by the 15th of September I think.  I'm thinking about stitching Something Wicked by La d da.  I love that design. 

Ok, I'm off for the day, off to find something to stitch. I guess I can let that Halloween one go a little longer, I do still have 2 weeks............yes Virgina I am a procrastinator..........

See you tomorrow.

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