Monday, November 11, 2013

I finished these up last night and now I can spend the week stiching again, lol.

This is another Just Nan, its called Eliza and Emmas Christmas Hat ( I think). I left off the hat part and just made the little tree with tree skirt. Its ok I guess. I'm not overly fond of it.

Next another Just Nan Gingerbread Mouse

Brightneedle Pretty in Pink made into a pinkeep

A Danybrod Design I made into a pinkeep, I don't remember the name

Poor Robin by Shepherds Bush

Christmas Rose by Just Nan

Quaker Snowman by Hearts Desire

And last but not least Woodland Snowfall by LHN

That's it for now. See you this weekend maybe. Thanks for viewing my blog:))))

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  1. Wow! Two posts full of beautiful stitching and great finishing. Thanks for sharing - you've inspired us!