Thursday, November 15, 2012

So I finally finished something, in a slump again I guess, can't even force myself to stitch, hate that so much.

I did finish Tall Sheep by Sherds Bush and then I put it in a little basket. It turned out kinda cute.

Hey, I did finish something else. Be right back after I take a pic:)))))

How cool is this idea. The friend and I were were in Hobby Lobby one day and she sees these metal plate holders and says it would be great for me to hang cross stitch off of..............I hate it when shes right but occassionally it just happens that way:))

I have one more Shepherds Bush I'm going to do for it, have the pins and buttons too. This is very stinking cute on my wall. 

Ok, I'm outta here people. See you ...... I would say tomorrow but I'm guessing that wont happen, see  ya later:)

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