Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sooooo, I haven't posted in forever, I guess life has just gotten in the way. I adopted my grandson Payton last November and that has taken most of my time, lol. I have managed to stitch several small things and have done massive finishing in the last couple weeks so I'm going to post them all now lol.

Isabelle Vautier Le Bonheur est dans Le Pre

I finished this up after stitching on it for about 4 years, yep 4 years. Crazy. I started it, did about half and then picked it up only occasionally. I love the deign though.

Blackbird Designs Noel

I love this one. Sometimes when I finishing something I'm not really thrilled with the end result but this turned out so perfect:)

Just Nan Winter Typography 

I have to say that this doesn't show up in the photo as pretty as it it, I really like it. I had to change the colors because I didn't have the called for threads. Its very pretty.

Just Nan Snowflake Santa

I have to admit this was a difficult stitch for me. I'm not sure why, I just kept getting lost in the reds, trying to keep my place was difficult. I like the end result but don't know that I would stitch it again.

Shepherds Bush Poor Robin

For some reason my colors seem pretty dull. The colors are much more vibrant.

Trilogy Winter Lineup

I actually dyed this fabric myself with plain old rit dye. It turned a pretty color.

 Cmonmode Miss Snow

Cmonmode Mr. Win

Just Nan Celete Angel

Just Nan Gingerbread Stocking

Shepherds Bush The Stockings

Homespun Elegance Come and Adore Him

Waxing Moon Christmas Reindeer

Just Nan Holly Noel

Just Nan Harmony sewing Book

Just Nan Harmony sewing Book

Just Nan Charity Angel

Bunnys Garden Cinnamon Hearts Design

I LOVED stitching this one, lol

Shepherds Bush Joy

Marilyn Imblum Angel

Fancy Works Nature Sings

Stitchy Kitty Snowman

hmmmm not sure what I did to that pic, will try again

Just Nan Blitzen Glitsens

Lizzie Kate Snowman

Just Nan Lavender Angel

Just Nan Pearl Angel

Shepherds Bush Joyful Night

The Drawn Holly and Ivy

I think there are a couple more but that's enough for now, lol.  Now that Payton is 3 1/2 hes starting to let me stitch a little more. Maybe I'll be able to post more than twice a year, lol. Ok, its not his fault really. Have a great day and thanks for looking:)


  1. So many beautiful finishes! Kudos to you for accomplishing so much, especially with a toddler "helping". In case you don't get back for awhile, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

  2. Beautiful pieces. You certainly have been busy with all that stitching and a little one as well. Looking forward to your next post.

  3. Beautiful pieces. So many beautiful finishes.So many beautiful finishes
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